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Hello From Luke!

12th of August 2019

Hi all,
My name is Luke and my job at Voodoochilli is to make your websites do what they should!
In short, I am the new developer and will be coding up new websites ensuring they… don’t just remain as a design in Thomas’ head! I am absolutely thrilled that Harry decided to give me this job, I have always wanted to work alongside fellow petrol headed geeks, and by god I think I hit the jackpot! The beautiful offices, great banter, fantastic work ethic and like mindedness of my boss/colleagues makes for a fantastic work environment and I cannot wait to start working with new clients on exciting projects and bring visions to life!

I love problem solving. Working meticulously through reams of code to find the problem and see the direct results of your input. Not everyone has the patience for this, but I love getting my teeth stuck into a juicy bug.

I have spent most of my career in sales. After almost 10 years of selling in various sectors, I craved a total career path change. My last 5 working years I have been playing around with Microsoft Excel’s VBA code, It is truly amazing what you can automate in excel. I then started turning my hand towards HTML and CSS and I fell in love with the language, leading me to pursue a career in web development.

Now, a bit about me. Cars, gaming and family is the general outline of the out of work interests! But I will expand;
Cars – I am and always have been interested in anything with an engine. Motorsport, mechanics, design, any aspect really. Volkswagen is a highlight in my interest having owned several over the years. The current hobby car being a MK5 Golf R32 in Deep Pearl Blue – A Golf with a big bad 3.2 litre V6 engine ploughing 250 efficient German horses to the tarmac via a Haldex 4-wheel drive system. I am that keen on the R32 specifically that I have had 2 in identical spec, this one replaces the one I missed sorely after getting rid of it.

I am keen on fixing problems and modifying my cars myself (if it won’t hurt the saleability). Many times, I have had to diagnose leaking coolant hoses, faulty alternators, blown head gaskets and various other problems. No problem has stumped me yet and I live for the problem solving – which I am sure is the reason why I get such a buzz from coding websites to work correctly! At the end of the day its like looking that an engine that won’t start and working back from the effect of the problem checking for all possible causes leading to the root.
I am a keen gamer – Ever since I tasted sweet victory of Tekken 3 to my most recent fastest laps on Project Cars 2, I have been unable to tear myself away from gaming. Over the last decade or so I have dipped into my gaming budget for mods on the hobby car… As such I cannot call myself a PC gamer as I lack the powerful tower to be one! Therefore, I am currently on an Xbox One X.
I am certain that one of the reasons I have always been glued to video games is their amazingly responsive websites. I would always be looking at the latest releases websites and they would always hold my attention. I am thrilled to be working at Voodoochilli where I get to work as part of a team to create amazingly responsive products!

All of this would pale into insignificance without my family. My better half and I got married earlier this year and are currently expecting a baby in October. I have done my wife the courtesy of drawing up a list of British automotive names for the baby when it arrives. She hasn’t shown much enthusiasm just yet but given time, she will come around! Boy – Aston, Jensen, Morgan. Girl – Lola, Riley, Lotus.

My wife is studying IT, Business and Computing (techy like me!) whilst working in the public aviation sector and drives a modified Polo Blue GT. We have 2 dogs, a Chihuahua called Piston and a Black Lab called Monty (Monte Carlo GP?) – We are truly a nerdy car family.

Looking forward to my next blog post.

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