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Hello From Tom!

17th of April 2019
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Hello there! I’m Tom, the new social media guy & blogger here at Voodoochilli!

Originally from the village of Shobdon I have recently moved to the big lights of… Hereford. I run my own personal training and online coaching business which has been doing well since the launch. I soon found that not only did I enjoy the training people, I loved the branding/blogging side of running a business too. I got pretty good at Facebook marketing and putting out consistent fitness related blogs. A few of my PT clients who were business owners themselves started asking me to do bits of design & social media work. It was at this moment I realised I could get the best of both worlds and build up a weekly work schedule that consisted of a balance between PT and social media marketing.

Why Voodoochilli?

I am completely self taught in all things marketing. After moving to Hereford it allowed me to free up some time each week which I decided I wanted to spend improving and learning on some of these skills. I was making my bi-weekly walk to Kingstreet Kitchen to get a salad (with quiche) and noticed some Voodoochilli signage going up. I had known about Voodoochilli as a design studio for a while but didn’t know they were relocating so close to my new digs. I didn’t look to see if they were hiring, I just sent an email to which Harry responded and got me in for a chat. I am now in as the ‘social media guy’. Being around some great designers and developers I’ve already learnt so much about the web world.

“If not in the gym or Voodoochilli I will probably be sat sipping a coffee in one of Hereford’s cafes”

My work week is pretty manic at the moment but around work I enjoy bouncing between good coffee shops (Sensory & Rye being my fave), cooking pretty food, gyming and playing Fortnite (queue flossing).

If anyone has an interest in social media marketing for their business I would love to have a chat at the studio!
[email protected]

You’ll probably be seeing a lot of me!

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