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Voodoochilli Blog

An Introduction – Better Late than Never…

5th of March 2019

It’s likely that many of you that read our blog will already know who I am and what I am responsible for here at Voodoochilli and have probably dealt with me in the past. However, if you are completely new to our website and have found this blog post by chance, I would like to introduce myself…

(for those that already know me; it’s your time to learn random facts about me and find out what I get up to out-of work.)

I suppose I’m not really your typical ‘desk job’ guy as my out-of-work interests are very different from what I do day-to-day. Working in the office environment is great but I’ve got to do some kind of manual work to keep me occupied! To summarise, I’m a lover of HPA from Wye Valley Brewery, Car Enthusiast (currently restoring a 1998 Volkswagen Golf MK2 (see below)), abysmal contributor to a friendly game of 5-a-side football once a week (two left feet) and huge fan of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – an extremely addictive game on Xbox that my partner absolutely hates due to the amount of time I spend on it…

I’m not exactly the most exciting and talkative person with amazing writing skills that will suck you in and keep you here for hours (I’ll stick to coding), so I am going to keep this blog post short, sweet and to the point. However, I plan to write more often, mainly informative posts that will help you better your understanding with websites in general and tools you can learn and use to better the performance of it.

I encourage you to connect with me on LinkedIn by clicking here and wait for the next blog post which I’ll share to my profile so that you’re all updated!

Until next time, goodbye!

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