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Don’t Make Me Think

4th of March 2019

As I write this (or more appropriately, type this) I can hear the church bells ringing off in the distance marking the almost end of my first month here at Voodoochilli. Harry and Dan are currently off at an award show enjoying what I imagine is good food, drink and company. While I’m stuck in the Cathedral Chambers enjoying Cadbury’s Brunch Bars, overly strong coffee and the company of me, myself and the church bells. I’m not at all jealous.

My first month at Voodoochilli has been an incredible experience of learning and designing. My background in Graphic Design is in Print and Animation which leaves a surprising gap in the Digital space but as any experienced designer will tell you, it’s all the same ideas and concepts. I thought I’d use this blog as a way of documenting my journey from Print to Digital and as a native of the Town of Books I think it’d be a great idea to talk about the books and resources that I’m learning from.

The Reading List

First up on the reading list is a recommendation from Harry, “Don’t Make Me Think” by Steve Krug. After reading the title I assumed the book would be a short story of a man being asked complex questions before the morning coffee has kicked in. I later found out that the book is all about making Web Design as intuitive as possible. Many of the concepts in the book are things that you know but weren’t aware you knew, it’s an odd reading experience but I’m thoroughly enjoying it so far and am eager to put the ideas into practice.

Second up is “Better Web Typography For A Better Web by Matej Latin”, this book was one of my own finding after a quick google search about hanging punctuation led me to the authors wonderful site https://betterwebtype.com/. As a self-titled Typography Nerd a book this thick talking in incredible detail about Typography has me very excited and while I may only be a few chapters in I can already tell it’s going to be a very valuable resource.

As of right now that’s really all I have to say, in future blogs I’ll show off sites that I’ve worked on and go in to way too much detail about the typography within them but as all the sites I’m working on at the moment are still in production I don’t think our clients would appreciate me showing off their sites before they’re live!

Until next time,


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