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Back to school for Harry!

25th of March 2019

Harry here. A couple of weeks ago I visited Wigmore School based in north Herefordshire. The school has a special place in my heart, as not only is it a fantastic learning environment, they are a client of ours, and both of my children attend. My little boy, Issac is 4 and goes to the nursery, and my 7 year old daughter is in the primary school there. There is a high school too, rated outstanding, and my wife and I feel very lucky to have our children attend such a great place.

I did a talk for 3 classes, for children aged 8-11, however the teaching staff kindly allowed my daughter to sit in one of the classes too, so that she could see her daddy talking about all the cool stuff we do at Voodoochilli.

I demonstrated the CMS systems we develop for clients and added a little humour by temporarily defacing the staff page (with permission of course!) I told the children it was the live staff page, but in reality it was a hidden one as I don’t think parents would appreciate seeing their children’s teachers dressed up in 1970s disco clothes!

The highlight for me was a conversation with a young boy in the 2nd class I talked in. He must have been about 9 years old and was clearly interested in what I was talking about. He astutely pointed out that “Content Management Systems” would be better if just called “CMS” and I explained that is actually what we do. Later when I asked if anyone had any questions he put his hand up, and said that although he had no question as such, he now knew what he wanted to do when he grows up. It was truly a humbling and heart-warming experience.

All in all it was a very worthwhile day for me, and I do hope the students got something out of it too. Education is so vital and it is great to see it being done well, and to be a part of it. Last year we took on a student from St. Mary’s school and that was a great success. We are also helping Hereford College of Art pilot a work placement scheme and currently have a further education student attend once a week. We are thinking it might be great to work with some older students too, perhaps final year degree students that would get a very real experience of working in a busy design studio.

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