Web Design – What Exactly Are Wireframes?

24th of July 2018

Commissioning a new website can be a nerve racking time for any business owner or marketing team. With so much choice on the market and sometimes a lot of jargon to interpret it can be a minefield as to who can offer the best quality and value.

One things we have gotten very used to explaining over the years is why our design process always starts with the creation of Wireframes. Unsurprisingly many of our clients don’t initially understand what these are or why we insist on creating them before we begin any design work. So what are Wireframes?

In a nutshell they are the blueprint for the layout and structure of what we are preparing to design & develop. At this stage of the project we are purely trying to work out things like:

Wireframes aren’t very pretty but this really helps us to break down what we are getting signed off when we show them to the client for the first time. We know they are focusing purely on what we need them too. There is no room for distraction on things like colour schemes or imagery – all of this comes much later in the process!

Other benefits of Wireframes:

You wouldn’t build a house without first working out a floor plan… Wireframes to websites are exactly the same. See some examples of Wireframes we have produced for past clients and get in touch if you would like to find out more about our process. Our friendly, talented team will gladly talk you through anything you would like to know. 01432 278766   

Some examples of recent Wireframes:

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