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What does your website say about you?

11th of June 2018

Ever wondered how much first impressions really count? Statistically 96% of visitors to your site are not committed to making a purchase there and then. A form of digital ‘window shopping’ is taking place and not unlike a shop window display it is down to your website to get potential customers walking through the door so that you can convince them to spend. Sadly we as humans are very judgemental, it takes a surprisingly short amount of time for us to make our minds up about something. Whether we are swayed by general appearances, misconceptions or dialogue we can be easily influenced by a strong and lasting first impression.

Design plays a major role in helping to ensure that your website stands out for the right reasons. Persuading people that interacting with your brand equates to a positive experience is going to mean a combination of visually pleasing colour schemes, slick high resolution photography, engaging copy and a logo which portrays a message of confidence to your prospective buyer. Think carefully about these elements and make sure that your website reflects your company ethos / brand correctly – getting just one of these wrong can damage your conversion rates and directly be affecting your bottom line.

Functionality is just as important if not more so in keeping your user interested and engaged. Ask yourself how many times you have clicked off a businesses website and moved onto the next because it was slow to load / too confusing to navigate and you couldn’t find what you wanted within a reasonable time. Broken links and pages are perhaps just as damaging to your business. Think of it as owning a shop front with a broken or vandalised window. The message that you are trying to convey is tarnished with the impression that you can’t afford to get this fixed or perhaps even just don’t care enough about your own marketing efforts. This can subliminally reflect very negatively on the confidence a prospecting buyer has entering into a purchase with you.

Modern day consumers have a plethora of information about products / services available at the click of a button and the internet is understandably a very competitive marketplace. With a well thought out design, strong branding and a website which offers the user easy accessibility, it is easy enough to overcome any barriers and provide your customers with nothing but complete confidence in your products and services. If you would like any help / advice going forwards about a new site or improving an existing site get in touch today. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are always happy to help.

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