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12th of September 2017
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Get to know the Voodoochilli Team a little better…

1. At which store would you like to max-out your credit card?
Amy – John Lewis
Rob – Thomas Cook
Harry – Don’t like them
Becky – Don’t own one
Richard – Woodsmith’s store

2. Choose a movie title for the story of your life.
A – Return to The Shire
R – The Holiday
H – Groundhog Day. Only joking, more like About A Boy
B – The Human
R – Dr Zhivago

3. What is the nerdiest thing you do in your spare time?
A – Organise my spices by alphabetical order
R – Play Bowls
H – Play StarCraft and read sci-fi
B – I don’t have spare time, I’m a Mother and a wife
R – Spoon/bowl making

4. What was your childhood nickname?
R – Oscar and Grouch
A – Lion
H – H-Bomb
B – Boo
R – Carrot

5. Which way does your toilet paper hang on the wall – over or under?
A – Over
R – Under
H – Over
B – Over
R – Over

6. What, or who, are you a “closet” fan of?
A – Marvel
R – Pep guardiola
H – Korean e-sports
B – Beyonce
R – Arthur Ransome

7. Name one thing on your bucket list?
A – A bucket
R – Camper Van
H – Immortality
B – Don’t have one
R – See the Matterhorn

8. Invisibility, ability to fly, or to read minds?
A – Invisibility
R- Invisibility
H – Invisibility
B – Invisibility
R – Fly

9. How would you spend £1million?
A – Wisely
R – On the Family
H – Property investment
B – Bank it
R – Buy a wood

10. If you had a time machine what point in past or future would you visit?
A – 1920’s to a Gatsby style party
R – 1966 World cup
H – The point when human-like sentience first developed.
B – The Renaissance to meet Leonardo Da Vinci
R – Medieval times

11. If you could take one physical item with you to a desert island what would it be?
A – A satellite phone to call for help
R – Carolyn
H – A raft
B – Swiss Army pen knife
R – Knife

12. What fictional place would you like to visit?
A – The Matrix
R – Narnia
H – Jurassic Park
B – Atlantis
R – Ross Vegas

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