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Growth and Future Plans!

12th of November 2016

This October marks 11 years since Voodoochilli became a Limited company. I remember that day being quite monumental since before then it was pretty much a case of me (that’s Harry), working as a lone freelancer. I feel the moment we have just reached, the completion of our 10th year as a Limited company, is just as important as the day when we realised we really could make something of this business as a team effort, all of those years ago.

This last year is one we have really pushed to grow the business, and things seem to be paying off. The new office in Gwynne Street  has proven to be a convenient location for our clients to come and meet us and we have never been busier which is absolutely brilliant. I feel this is quite remarkable given all of the changes and uncertainty in the wider economic and political landscape.

With that said, we don’t plan on just sitting about and have some very exciting plans for our next year. For a start off, we are pleased to announce that we have now taken on a new developer to help with coding up our client’s sites. Peter is a great fit with the rest of our team, he is fun, friendly and knowledgeable, but more importantly he has a passion for his work. There is no place for complacency at Voodoochilli!

With Peter joining us, we now have a core team of six, and although two of our guys work remotely, our fantastic little office is now getting just a little too cosy. Given that, I am excited to announce that we are now negotiating for a much larger office, one far more suited to our ambitious future plans which include setting up a permanent photography studio – something that needs a lot more space. The new place looks truly awesome and I cannot wait for us to get in there!

Next up, our photographer and print designer, Richard has surpassed all of our expectations this year and has been a key player in helping the business grow as much as it has. Clients clearly get on well with him and he will have more of an involvement in terms of client and staff management moving forward. Plus, with the new photography studio and more space to flex his creative muscles, we are expecting even greater things from him in the future.

Last, but certainly not least, I’m absolutely delighted to say that my wife, and co-founder of Voodoochilli, Becky, is back and ready to get stuck back in! Four years ago Becky took a back-seat in order to look after our beautiful little daughter, Erin. And then another bundle of joy came along in the form of our son, Isaac. As you can probably imagine, during this time Becky has not been able to be as proactive in the company as we would have liked. Well, it seems that now the time has come for her to get stuck in again as our Marketing Director and she already has a list of things on the agenda that I am going to review with the rest of the team on Monday. It’s amazing how things work out and the timing just couldn’t work out any better.

I think I’m so lucky to work with the team I’ve got, a good team fosters a great, creative culture whereby only good things can come from it. I’m one of those few people it seems, that really loves their job, and this is mostly down to the people I work with. In addition, we have worked with some fantastic clients over the last year, and right now we are knee-deep in dozens of varied and exciting projects, a fantastic way to start our next year! Bring it on!

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