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Hot Stuff!

17th of October 2016
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Finally, finally we found time to produce our chilli sauce! Phew, it took a while fitting in this little project in-between all of our other work.

Picking the right sauce was fairly easy, and we had a great, but somewhat painful tasting session eventually deciding on a moderately hot sauce made from Herefordshire grown chillies, zesty lime, Herefordshire cider vinegar and tequila! I guess you could call it a kind of spicy, smokey salsa sauce, something that works well as a dip, ketchup or cooking ingredient, but that doesn’t blow your head off.

Designing the labels was fun too since we have free reign on this project. It was a challenge getting all of the content onto such a small space, but I feel we have achieved what we wanted to. See below the final image:


We weren’t happy with the first print we got back from the printers so ordered another bath, this time on super high quality, textured paper for a specialist food label company, the kind you get on expensive bottles of wine and we think it looks great.

The sauce itself cost us just under £3 a bottle to commission from Hereford based chilli sauce producer Fat Man Chilli, with the label design and printing costs working out at about £2  a bottle, along with about £4 on packaging and postage, each of the 125 bottles we made costs about £9 a bottle – pricey stuff and the overall budget on this project was about £1000. We hope it was all worth it!

It also takes quite a while to produce. I spent several hours this weekend carefully adding the labels onto bottles in order to post out to clients. I think I managed to do about 50 of them and I’m yet to package them up, address or post them yet. Being part of a process like this makes me realise just how much we take food production for granted. We hardly ever think about product labels, packaging and shipping let alone the how the ingredients were sourced and grown for all of the things we eat on a daily basis. Trying to make any single one of those items in your fridge would take a considerable effort!

The sauce has been well received by clients who have been in for meetings and received a bottle. We are also giving a bottle out to prospective clients who come in and meet us. Of course, we hope the promotion will more than pay for itself in terms of work generated, but if nothing else it has been great fun!
Hot Sauce!

One response to “Hot Stuff!”

  1. Sam Morgan says:

    Can’t wait to try it Harry!

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