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Something Spicy Soon!

23rd of June 2016
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It’s about time we made some chilli sauce again! Or maybe chilli jam, we can’t quite decide yet, but either way it’s always fun to produce our own spicy product and send it to our customers and people we would like to work with. Last time we made 100 bottles of sauce and it was one of the most fun projects we have worked on. From tasting the sauces (we tried about 30 bottles of the stuff), to designing and fitting the labels, to promoting it – it was all great fun. I’m thinking we might be a little more ambitious this time and make even more, or step it up a gear somehow!

It might seem a little odd for a web design company to be making a food product, but the simple fact is it’s great fun to do, it gets our name out, and it’s a lovely way to thank our customers for their business. Last time we used a spicy Piri Piri sauce that was really well received (although perhaps it was a little too hot), it was featured in national design magazines as a fun promotional idea, and we even managed to secure some work through it. The cost of producing the sauce and postage was more than paid for by the work and exposure it created for us as a small business, and I highly recommend this kind of offline promotion to mostly online businesses.

So as I said, this year we are trying to think of some way to make things a little different. Maybe there is some way people could interact with the physical product in a digital way, after all, we spend most of our time pushing pixels around. Last time, each bottle had a promotion code on it that gave the customer a discount on our services. Maybe we could do something with QR codes, or some kind of competition, or give away something free…there are loads of potential ideas. If anyone reading this has a great idea that we end up using, let us know by leaving a comment and we’ll make sure you get your hands on a bottle or jar of whatever it is we end up producing!

One thing we didn’t focus on much last time was social media which has grown massively since then. So perhaps, something to do with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest would be good. All ideas welcome!

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