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Herefordshire You Can!

5th of April 2016
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We are extremely excited to announce that we will be working with the Herefordshire Brand team to redesign the Here you can website. The existing site was set up a few years ago as part of a fantastic branding exercise that has been very successful in promoting the people and businesses of Herefordshire. The branding is split into various categories such as Visit Herefordshire (tourism), Invest Herefordshire (jobs and the economy) and Create Herefordshire (creative industries and the arts). The campaign is a very positive and refreshing approach to marketing, something that we believe benefits not just the businesses in Hereford and the surrounding county, but the people that live and visit this wonderful place.

Bully logos

We first became aware of the Herefordshire You Can brand when our clients started asking for us to place the various logos at the bottom of their sites. At first it was just the occasional one or two, but as evermore clients started to make this request we thought there must be something to it. Indeed there is, and the branding which features an iconic Hereford bull can be seen everywhere around Herefordshire, from brochures and literature, online media, on vehicles and even on road signs as you enter the county. It has been a great, positive thing for Herefordshire and we very excited to see how we can work with the Herefordshire Brand team to help further improve the brand’s online presence.


The Herefordshire Brand team clearly have done their work and the branding guidelines are well thought out, and they will not only help us with the direction of the site, they can be downloaded by anyone interested in becoming part of the Hereford Brand.

We are meeting up again this Friday to work out a plan of action in order to move forward with a exciting new design. It will be some time until the new site is launched, however I implore Herefordshire based businesses to visit their current site and sign-up as a partner – it is completely free and totally worth it. If you need some help getting the branding logos onto your site, get in touch and we will do it for you at no charge! Also follow them on Twitter for updates, such as when the new site will go live.

Watch this space, exciting things to come!

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