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Great Start to the Year!

28th of February 2016
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Apologies in the lack of updates lately, as the title suggest we have been super busy lately. That’s quite an understatement as January started with a big bang, that’s for sure. Whereas normally we might be typically designing around 3-5 full websites at any one time along with routine maintenance work, right now we are currently working through over 15 full projects, so we are actually working at over 3 times our usual capacity. In the first 2 weeks of January we had over a dozen meetings with new clients! And they say the winter months are quiet! We have had to take on more staff and have a new web designer, a print designer and photographer, two new PHP developers and a dedicated HTML developer to accommodate this influx work. If things carry on like this we will need a bigger office which is a shame as we have only just moved into our current ones! Luckily most of our staff are happy to work remotely, and in most cases it’s just me (Harry) and Richard in the office along with any clients that are visiting.

I can’t wait to get some of these projects finished and showcased on our portfolio, I think our design team have outdone themselves this time and the projects have been very interesting to work on, and have turned out great. I was slightly worried that the extra work would perhaps put too much pressure on us, reducing our quality, but it has not been the case in the slightest. In fact, we seem to be thriving with this amount of work on. I really do feel like the company is moving onto a whole new level at the moment. Watch this space!

P.S, in case you are wondering, the photo on this page was taken by Richard, the newest member of our team. It is one of the new prints that decorates our office walls which were until recently looking a little bare. Richard is a keen photographer and a talented print and web designer. We have worked with him for a number of years on various projects and recently decided to recruit him on a more formal basis to help out with the sudden surge of work we have had lately. With Richard’s help we have already started to offer our clients print work and are currently designing a full corporate presentation pack for one of our newest clients, a specialist consultancy firm in Eastern Africa. It has been great working with him this year and introducing him to our clients and bouncing ideas off him and talking design, and we look forward to more great things ahead!

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