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11th of August 2015

Well, it’s been a long time coming but we eventually got round to updating our own website. That’s the problem with designing other people’s sites for a living – your own one gets put to the bottom of the pile.

A lot of through has gone into our new site and we love it. We felt that the old site, although clean and efficient, felt a little lifeless and lacking in colour. Our new site is much bolder and colourful. Personally, I really like the home page slider and how it fades from coloured to purple. One cool little thing about that slider is how it always fits the full height of the page, maximising the impact of the imagery.

Like all of the sites we develop, our site is fully responsive and works excellently on mobile phones and tablets. We have also added a responsive page that highlights the benefits of responsive design, as well as a page that demonstrates our working process.

We would love to hear your feedback on the new site, so if you have any, please leave a comment below. Thanks!

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