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Sign up for the Business Link Consultants Register

11th of January 2007

It’s now just coming up to Christmas and we have recently been approved for another web project. This particular job is going to be part funded by Business Link. If you are a UK based design company or individual I strongly suggest you consider signing on to the Business Link Consultants Register as your clients may then be eligible for up to 50% funding. The main advantage of this is that your client generally has twice as much money to play with meaning that he or she will be able to get a bigger website or more designs etc. You will also be listed in their directory so you will often get proposals sent directly to you.

To be eligible, you first need to contact your local Business Link which is normally based at the same offices as the Chamber of Commerce. They will then need to assess you for professional qualities that are required to be listed. They will speak to previous clients about the success of projects you have undertaken for them and will ask you to fill in a report outlining your working methodology. Initially you will need to pay them a fee of around £300 to cover all of the research and assessing. You will also need Professional Indemnity insurance and Public Liability insurance to cover up to a certain amount. Mine covers up to a million pounds each and I also have Products Liability to cover for the same amount and Employers’ Liability to cover up to a whopping 10 million pounds. Basically you need these insurances so that if anything happens (i.e. you accidentally deleted a client’s hard drive) you would be able to compensate them. My insurances cost me a total of about £350 a year, but shop around.

So the initial expense is quite high at least £650 setup in total and £350 a year thereafter for insurance, but I think it is well worth it in the long run if your clients can afford to give you projects twice as big. The reason the government provide this type of funding is to encourage regional growth and to help those companies that work by abiding to high levels of professional practices. I think it’s a great initiative.

4 responses to “Sign up for the Business Link Consultants Register”

  1. Mary says:

    Excellent info, and congrats on winning your new project. This sounds similar to the government’s new initiative called supply2.gov.uk. (Or is it the same thing?) The supply2.gov.uk initiative is to help small businesses win public sector contracts. Small businesses can register for a certain geographical area and get details of tendering opportunities. This aspect is free, however, for a small fee you can register for details from other parts of the UK. It’s patchy at the moment, and use will probably depend on the amount of public sectors who actually bother to use it, but it’s a start. Check it out – it’s worth a try. Good luck! Mary, Glorifiedsec.

  2. Ian says:

    If you are based in the South West, East of England or South East, you can also register at http://www.suppliermatching.co.uk/. It’s free to sign up and the register will be used by Business Links in those regions. Worth doing!

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