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Voodoochilli Blog

General Update

14th of January 2007

I have a few things that I wish to talk about, none of them could make an entire blog piece on their own so I thought it would make sense to mention them all in one blog. Firstly I am delighted to say that one of my clients has kindly agreed to be a guest writer in a day of two. The company specialises in data recovery and I believe they should be able to pass on some invaluable advice about looking after data and making backups.

Next as you can probably see, I have changed the appearance of the blog and I have decided to go with WordPress instead of the BlogCms blogging software we had before. Although the old design wasn’t as pretty I think it did very well SEO wise due to the fact that it had nice pretty urls instead of just ?cat_id=123 etc. I will have to see if I can implement that on this blog. An example of these urls working well is that they have brought a lot of visitors to one of my other blogs which still uses BlogCms. I wrote an article up about the BBC showing Saddam Hussein’s death on TV and I got quite a lot of visitors for the following searches:

saddam’s dead corpse
saddam dead
saddam corpse white
saddams dead corpse

I think this is why. It just goes to show that if you are topical it can bring some people in. It also shows what a morbid audience we are working with!

Finally, I have decided to drop speaking in the third person, or rather stop using the word “we” instead of “I”. Although this blog is for the company Voodoochilli Design, it is me, Harry who is doing all of the writing. I have noticed that other successful blogs (problogger.net is a good example) are more personal. I may know about web design and development, but this blogging lark is pretty new to me, so bear with me.

2 responses to “General Update”

  1. Voodoochilli says:

    I have sarted using the little plugin I have made, but I wish it wouldnt use the the BBC stuff as meta data! I will have to write another post soon just to get rid of it! 🙂

  2. Voodoochilli says:

    I have sorted this out now with a filter list for the plugin.

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