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18th of August 2014

Ant Carrying a LeafSo much has happened over the last couple of years that it has given us pause for thought. Firstly, Becky and Harry (that’s me) who are the Directors of the company and a married couple, had their first child, Erin. As any parent knows, having children changes things significantly. Now there’s an understatement!  For over 10 years we have worked with all kinds of companies, and on all kinds of projects, learning something new pretty much every day, but nothing prepared us for this! Becky cut down her hours dramatically over the years after an extended maternity leave, and just when she was almost ready to get back into the flow of things we were once again blessed by another pregnancy.

Then of course there was The Royal Visit which was quite a big deal for us. Our website might give the impression of a large corporate entity if feedback is anything to go by, but we are a relatively small team and this was quite the honour for us.

Beyond that, work just keeps coming in, which is weird when you consider Becky has been working at a reduced capacity and her primary role was Marketing and Sales – she was responsible for generating new work and forming relationships with new clients. We got so busy in fact that we started to turn work down, quite a lot of it. We simply didn’t have the capacity to get on with the new work. So you see the dilemma – things are as good as they can be, but we are not capitalising on this potential work, we are limiting ourselves. And that is perfectly fine, we could just stay as a small family run business, it has clearly worked for us so far, but with the approaching arrival of our second child I think we need to step things up a little.

It’s an exciting but daunting time for us. We have set some plans in motion that will hopefully pay off for both us and our clients. We intend to increase not just our ability to get work done, but regain our focus on customer care, something that has been lacking since Becky reduced her hours.


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