A New Member Joins The Voodoochilli Team

26th of August 2014

adrianIn my last post I talked a little about the future of Voodoochilli and how we intend to expand the company whilst at the same time becoming more client focused. I am pleased to announce that we have a new staff member starting today to fill the role of Web Design Consultant, Adrian Cannon.

Before joining Voodoochilli, Adrian’s professional background was in account management and sales, however as one might expect, he has a keen interest in web design technologies and has been trained in Computer Systems Engineering, HTML, JavaScript and C++.

Adrian is a person with a genuine interest in people and working with the rest of the team, he will be liaising directly with our clients helping them better understand the power of the web and how it can best help them.

Adrian joining Voodoochilli is just one of many steps in our plan to make it a better company, something we believe good businesses should always strive to do.

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