Meeting With The Princess Royal

27th of January 2014


My apologies for not updating this sooner, but we have all been so busy here at Voodoochilli. The meeting went really well with the Princess Royal, also known as Princess Anne, the Queen’s only daughter. I shook her hand, bowed slightly and we talked about the website I was showcasing, and websites in general. I explained that this particular client of mine was an early adopter of web technologies, especially for a charity. She agreed and pointed out that there are many people that still do not use websites, many that are firm traditionalists, but it was clearly a growing market. In fact, I do not know anyone who does not use the internet, but obviously I have quite a different peer group.

I showed her the interactive sideshow we had developed for the meeting and we continued talking about websites for the next five or ten minutes. All in all she seemed a really nice person, and keen to please and very agreeable and easy to get on with. I guess she must do a lot of these meetings and has perfected the art of small talk and making her subjects feel comfortable.

I also met and chatted with the Mayor and Mayoress of Hereford who equally very nice people that commended the charities being showcased for their work over the years.

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