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25th of November 2013
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royal-visitIn January next year, Voodoochilli Design will be showing one of our websites to The Princess Royal. The site, Family Drug Support, is something that is quite special to us. It is after all the first commercial site Harry took on when he decided to leave his old 9-5 job back at Herefordshire College of Art and set up Voodoochilli. The site was redesigned and brought up to date in 2010 following being cited by the Home Office as an example of good practice, and more recently we did some much needed updates including making the site fully responsive for mobile devices.

Family Drug Support is a good charity that helps hundreds of people in and around Herefordshire. We were honoured when our client explained to us that the website was the charity’s main way of reaching out to people, and because of that they would like us to attend. There is something immensely satisfying to think that Harry who first designed and built their site back in 2003 as a nervous young freelancer, will be sat with his first client in The Shire Hall, demonstrating the website to a member of the royal family.

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