We’re Hiring Again!

We have recently been advertising a positing for a freelance PHP developer to join our team. So far the response has been great with dozens of applicants and we have contacted a couple. The problem now is finding the right person from all of these applicants!

As you may not have know already we always hire freelancers – fitting the right person to the right job. Not only is this cheaper than hiring a team of full time web designers and developers, a saving that gets past on to the client, it also means we can hire for specific tasks. For example a client may ask for a flash website. This is not a request we get often as we prefer sites that perform well in search engines, however if a client does specify this we can pool together an ad-hoc team geared towards flash development. For the one or two projects that require flash in a year, we could never justify the £30K salary of a flash developer since the earning potential would be so low. What other companies do is try to make their designers and developers do a bit of everything: jack of all trades, master of none. This is far from ideal and you really should be hiring experts to developer websites on a bespoke basis.

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